Adjusting the Brake Cables

adjusting the brake cablesadjusting the brake cables2adjusting the brake cables3

adjusting the brake cables4adjusting the brake cables5

What is the recommended air tire pressure?

tires psi

Installing the Battery

Make sure the battery key is set to unlocked position before installing.

For 36v with fairing only: remove the key before installing and insert the key through the fairing hole after.

installing the battery

I am having trouble locking the battery into place on the Pon-e. When turning the key there is resistance and it seems that the locking mechanism on the battery is not lining up with the battery track on the Pon-e

The battery was adjusted tightly to the tray. This is important to minimize play at the power connector on the bottom.

Note 4 rubber seats in the tray. Push the battery down (against the rubber seats) while turning the key (you may need to wiggle the top of the battery to left or right to confirm it’s not lateral misalignment)

If still too tight, the tray can be adjusted in a quick way:

The box that has the 1-2 speed switch… Yank it down with some force, and the whole tray should move a little, making it easy to turn the key. If you went too far, pull the tray back up, now with the battery locked to the rail.

Troubleshooting Electric Issues