The Trikke LEV has many applications for commercial use and is proving to be the smartest choice for electric personal transportation vehicles. Trikke’s patented 3-wheel cambering frame technology provides stability and maneuverability at all speeds, outperforming all of its competitors at a fraction of the cost.

– simple design = low maintenance
– foldable frame = easily portable = use more often and in more areas
– quick swap battery = more use/day at less than 15 cents/charge
– ergonomic design = comfortable to ride for hours
– Delta shape = easy passage through crowds
– 11” high foot platforms = increased visibility

A few examples of applications used with success: Tours/Rentals, Promotion/Advertising, Staff Mobility, Meter Reading, Parking Enforcement.


DRTrikke Electric Vehicles are revolutionizing guided tours at destinations around the globe. Potential tour opportunities include local attractions, hotels and resorts, parks and recreation, universities, and more. Trikke LEV’s three wheel design makes for unrivaled stability and maneuverability making it an ideal transportation vehicle for touring local attractions and other points of interest.

Trikke LEV models and accessories are offered at fraction of competitors costs allowing for tour or rental operations to become profitable within the first year of operation. Our simple and efficient design equals low operating costs and maximum return on investment. Read more to learn  on this unique solution to promote and grow your business.



Coca-ColaGreat way to promote your brand or business. Attach a shark fin flag to our Trikke LEV’s and ride along a big crowd to pass out flyers and catch your public’s attention. Fun and effective way to promote your business.




Staff Mobility:

Resort MobilityMove large resort or event staff quickly and efficiently. Trikke LEV’s are the solution for many daily hotel activities: parking and grounds security, staff or VIP movement, resort deliveries all can move more quickly and efficiently around the premises. Increase cost savings with our affordable and low maintenance vehicles.

Grow satisfaction and interaction with guests by responding faster and being more visible while riding. Don’t leave out the option to provide guests with a riding EV tour. The stable platform makes for quick and easy learning, for a safe, fun experience guest will always remember and want to come back for again and again.


Meter Reading

Reduce vehicle maintenance costs by saving the vehicles for inclement weather. Trikke LEV provides the global solution to all utility meter readers.

Fast (up to 18 mph), efficient, (with up to a 28 mile riding radius) and economical (less than 10 cents per charge) municipalities are embracing the Trikke LEV’s dynamic abilities to increase meter reader’s efficiency in towns both big and small.

Less pollution within your city when you eliminate vehicles idling for various periods of time, a greener city is a beautiful thing!

Read Case Study: City of Buellton, CA.


Parking Enforcement:

parking enforcement

The Department of Transport (DoT) in Abu Dhabi has deployed the Trikke LEV with many of its parking inspectors. The Trikke LEV is very easy to maneuver and has enabled inspectors to cover much bigger areas. The inspectors easily and quickly drive to their desired positions without the hassles of a larger vehicle, and much quicker than walking.

“The environmentally friendly Trikke LEV’s are introduced with the aim to protecting the environment and contributing to sustainable development.” Najib Al Zarooni, general manager of parking at DoT

This allowed for increased revenue for the city due to increased parking citations being issued. Less costly maintenance since a car wasn’t involved and reduced emissions with the Trikke LEV.




The most versatile, portable, green Patrol Vehicle available. Easy to use, easy to control at low speeds through crowded areas and fast when needed. Quick swap battery allows for constant patrolling. Folds down quickly for ease of portability.

Simply the best. Best performance. Easiest to maintain.

Read Solvang Police Case Study and Santa Barbara Police Case Study.

Visit our Trikke Patrol Website to learn more about models and our growing roster of satisfied customers.