Trikke Tech, Inc.

Founded in 2000, with already more than 500,000 vehicles sold, Trikke Tech is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and promoting the use of its patented 3-wheel cambering vehicles for clean, personal mobility, fitness and joy.

Day-to-day operations such as research and development, vehicle assembly, marketing, sales, customer service and technical support are carried out at the headquarters in Buellton, in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, California.

Trikke EV Designed and Assembled in USA

TRIKKE Technology

Based on its 3-point, cambering frame, the vehicles are ridden in a natural standing posture, maintaining all 3 wheels in contact with the ground while leaning into turns, for unsurpassed stability, maneuverability and control. Forward propulsion can also be achieved by the rider’s body motion, making it a true hybrid.

The vehicle’s design is simple and extremely efficient for urban personal mobility and gives a feeling of real performance, surpassing in many ways other light electric vehicles, like e-bikes or e-scooters.

Trikke Team

GBGildo Beleski

Founder, Chief Designer, Originator of Trikke Technology. Technical Director, Industrial Engineer, car racing enthusiast and an avid Trikke rider for more than 20 years. “I have passion for the ride and would love to let everybody experience it. I’m committed to improving the ride and the performance of our vehicles to the highest level. I’m inspired by the auto industry’s achievements, and I believe in a new era dominated by smart, light personal vehicles.”


JHSJohn Simpson

Early Adopter, Co-Founder. Entrepreneur, surfer, musician and talented Trikke rider for more than 15 years. “Once I rode it for the first time, I realized what I would like to do professionally: Promote the trikke ride. The world needs Trikke vehicles and Trikke deserves the world to fully adopt it. Trikke improves people’s lives and can help make the world a better place now and for the long run.”



Ana D’Arace

Purchasing/Inventory. Handle international accounts and special programs.

Helping partners to get up to speed in doing business with Trikke.

Cathy Bunke

Accountant, Business Administrator, H&R

Marney Ellenbrook

Sales, Dealer Support

Luis Garfias

Tech Support, Special Assemblies, Warranty

Gabriel Rodrigues

Assembly, Special Assemblies

Blanca Perez

Shipping and Warehouse Coordinator